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50 Images That Showcase Regina – 2016 Edition

50 Images That Showcase Regina – 2016 Edition

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Last year I put together 50 Images That Showcase Regina, and it was very successful. However, I did that article early into the year and missed out on some pictures I would take later, so I decided to do it again this year. These pictures were all taken either in late 2015 or in 2016.

If you guys enjoy this article as much as you liked the last one, I might start making this an annual thing.

Some of you may recognize a few of these pictures from earlier in the year, but there should be a few here that none of you have ever seen before.

Like last year, I broke it down into 8 groups:


Architecture in ReginaGerman ClubWide German ClubMarian Centre


Downtown ReginaDowntown Regina in the winterHotel Sask in the winterVictoria Park in the winter

Stone Hall Castle

Stone Hall CandlesStone Hall CandlesStone Hall CandlesStone Hall Candles

The Cemetery

Inside Regina CemeteryBroken Headstones inside Regina CemeteryCannons inside Regina CemeteryStatuette inside Regina CemeteryChinese pavilion inside Riverside Memorial Park CemeteryWar memorial inside inside Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery


Flower PowerMossy stone in Wascana ParkWascana Lake during sunsetThe Legislature with Bronze DomeThe Legislature at sunsetThe Legislature during another sunsetThe Leg at a cool angle

Government House

Pumpkins at Government HouseDishes at Government HouseWallpaper at Government HouseGovernment HouseGovernment House


First Baptist ChurchFirst Baptist Church InsideHoly FamilyHoly FamilyRCMP ChapelRCMP ChapelRCMP ChapelSt. George Iconostasis


Old Fashion Camera on Modern TripodInto GermantownDeer in headlight. Get it!? HAHA.Paint CanRebellionElvis CarsElvis MuseumTaylor Field in the winterMosiac Stadium at Taylor FieldRegina from aboveRegina from above

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50 Images That Showcase Regina - 2016 Edition50 Images That Showcase Regina - 2016 Edition50 Images That Showcase Regina - 2016 Edition

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