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7 Reasons to Embrace Tech Free Travel

7 Reasons to Embrace Tech Free Travel

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Article written by Matt Edwards from Outphoria.

Nowadays, we have become so dependent on technology for every part of life that it can feel scary to leave the house without some kind of device. Many of us have experienced that moment when you realize you have forgotten your phone and go the lengths to get it back because "you might need it at some point.?

There were millenia before this tech-driven era in which we lived free from technology. Therefore we know it is possible to do, right? It might be impossible with your job or during the daily grind anymore, but what about when you travel?

A tourist with a hat in a foreign market

When you travel, there are all kinds of reasons to disconnect from the tech world. You don?t have the excuse of needing to get on a Zoom call at 4 PM or finding a recipe, checking your Instagram feed or any number of other things.

Are you still trip planning and trying to work out whether or not you should bring your laptop, tablet or carry your phone around with you? In our opinions, the answer should likely be "no.? Here are all our reasons for why you should ditch the tech and embrace tech-free travel.

1.Disconnect From the Screen

First, and likely the most obvious reason, is the chance you get to disconnect from the screen! Cut down on your screen time by leaving them at home. A recent study has found that most Americans now spend more time on a screen than they do sleeping, spending nearly 8 hours a day watching a screen or participating in some kind of digital content.

If that is true for you, think about how many real-world experiences you are missing out on as you travel! What if, instead of surfing the internet in your hotel room, you were sitting on top of a mountain or meditating deep in a forest? Give your brain and your eyes a break by participating in life?s activities instead of taking in thousands of pixels every second.

2.Plugging Into the Moment

Did you know that it is actually impossible to truly multitask? Over 5 decades of cognitive science and research has found that true multitasking does not exist. Instead, our brains just get good at switching back and forth, processing part of the information from each task as it changes.

In other words, if you are trying to walk around looking at your phone screen trying to figure out where you are going or quickly checking messages or emails, you are not taking in anything around you for that entire time.

Disconnect from your phone or tablet so that you can fully engage with the moments happening around you.

3.Into the Wilds

When you aren?t worried about finding an internet connection or requiring a place to have an outlet you can use at night, the world is your oyster. You can go far and wide without having to worry about bringing anything but a change of clothes and yourself.

This kind of travel opens you up to a couple of different trips. For example, you could go into the wilds of the world, take a plane ride and go wild camping, backpacking, or drive into the boondocks to explore new terrain.

It also means you can go further out from typical tourist destinations. Instead, visit villages and towns known for their rustic charm without having to ask them for the dreaded wifi password.

4.Get a True Break from Work

Even when you try to turn off all your notifications so that work can?t bother you on your vacation, it is hard not to check your emails or just send a quick message out. If they have problems, they might even call you before doing their best to figure it out.

Get a real break from work when you leave the phone behind. Without your devices, you are as free as a bird. But, other than snail mail, it will be hard for the stress of work to break through your relaxation.

5.Find People Around You and Increase the Quality of Your Time Together

Plugging into the moment brings a wealth of its benefits. If you don?t know how to get somewhere, you might use a map or ask for directions. You are more clued into what people are doing around you or willing to chat with someone instead of blankly staring at the screen.

People cheering on a mountain top

Even if it isn?t making friends with strangers, getting rid of your devices inevitably means losing the distraction from connecting with your travel buddies. Instead, you get the chance to pay full attention to your kids, spouse, or friends.

Often, you will find conversations take on a new depth without the attention-snapping breaks caused by a ding from a phone or a "let me search that quickly.?

6.Better Your Mental Health

As the use of technology increases, the tie between psychological issues and the time we spend in front of a screen strengthens. Many studies show how social media and withdrawing through mobile devices contribute to serious health conditions. That includes mental conditions like depression or anxiety.

A lone woman looking into the sunset

If you have been finding yourself withdrawing into the world of tech or reacting with negative emotions when you use it, it is likely time for a break. Clear your mind by getting out of the box and keeping the technology in one.

7.Support Local Communities

Although forming a plan and Googling what places you should go to can make a trip smoother, it also takes away some possible authenticity. When you participate in tech-free or slow travel, you find places in the local community that might not show up on Google Maps or rank high enough to pique your interest.

A community of people smiling and pointing

When you wander around looking for options instead of letting the technology decide for you, you inevitably spend money at places that support local culture instead of greedy tour companies, larger chains or tourist-based restaurants.

Can you think of any other reasons to embrace tech free travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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7 Reasons to Embrace Tech Free Travel7 Reasons to Embrace Tech Free Travel

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