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A Halloween Unboxing From Tokyo Treat

A Halloween Unboxing From Tokyo Treat

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In celebration of Halloween, Jessica and I decided to continue last year's tradition and unbox a package from Tokyo Treat. For those unfamiliar, Tokyo Treat is a subscription box service that sends you Japanese candy every month to try at home. We have unboxed several of their packages in previous articles, including one from last Halloween, so we thought it would be fun to do it again.

This article, and companion video, is not sponsored by Tokyo Treat. We just like trying their handy and reviewing foreign food. They do have an affiliate program, but I chose not to join it as it isn't very lucrative ? and I like being subjective and honest about my reviews.

A booklet discussing what to expect inside this box from Tokyo Treats

This year they had another wide variety of Halloween-themed candy, from gum to chocolate to corn sticks. There were a few duplicates in the box this year when compared to the 2020s box, so while it was still good, I didn't like it as good as last year's box.

If you would like to watch Jessica and myself unbox the package, you can see it in the YouTube video below, or keep reading as I quickly review each of the items instead.

1. Calpis Grape Soda

Last year I didn't care for the drink they included in the box, but this year they made up for it. You are probably familiar with the taste of Grape Crush, but this wasn't as strong as that. Instead, it has a softer grape taste, similar to medicine, so it tasted pretty good. However, it is also mixed with cultured milk, so lactose intolerants beware!

A transparent grape soda bottle with grapes on it

2. KitKat Apple Cinnamon

Any KitKat is almost always a good KitKat. This was no exception. I was surprised the KitKats were purple, but once I got past the odd colour, I liked the flavour and crunch of them. Not surprisingly, they didn't last very long and I miss them already. The apple and cinnamon flavours weren't too strong but were definitely there, and it made for the perfect snack.

A purple wrapper with the word KitKat on it. It has two dozens characters on it, all dressed up for Halloween. These include mummies, ghosts, skeletons, witches and pumpkins

3. Red and Black Magic Gum

This package of gum came in two strips, which is perfect for sharing with a friend or eating yourself. They weren't anything too special to eat though, except they apparently make your tongue change to red and black (I didn't notice). They have a very strong gum smell though, which was nice but unexpected.

A black wrapper with a yellow face sticking its tongue out. The tongue is made of two strips, with one being red and the other black.

4. Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn

This was a repeat from last year. This chocolate-covered corn bite was shaped like Pikachu's head, but I still don't really see the resemblance. Regardless, they still tasted good and were a welcome repeat to the box. Last year we had Cinderace on the packaging, but this year we had the more appropriately chosen Mimikyu.

Chocolate Pokemon snacks with the ghost Pokemon Mimikyu on it

5. Umaibo Cheese

I am pretty sure this hallowed out cheese-flavoured corn stick is a repeat from last year. Although I'm not completely sure if it came in that box or in a previous one, I remembered the fishy smell that came off it instantly, and after a quick bite, I remembered it was not one of my favourites. Although it wasn't too bad, the smell was too strong and I ended up throwing out half of it.

A colourful wrapper with a blue, red and white cat on it singing into a microphone

6. Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast

These cute little corn snacks were one of my favourites this year ? even though I didn't realize they tasted like butter toast. They come in little triangular cones that you can put on your fingers and pretend to be a child again. Some might discourage it, but the red-headed witch on the box is doing it, so why not do it too? The packaging for these is probably the cutest this year, and the snack was one of the best too.

A super cute box with a red-headed witch and a black cat putting triangle corn chips on her fingers

7. Pocky Crushed Strawberry

I'm not sure how or why this item was included in the Halloween box. According to the Snack Menu list Tokyo Treat provided, it's "frightfully yummy", which although it was yummy, it wasn't scary in any way. Either way, Pocky is always good, regardless of the flavour, and both packages were gone by the following afternoon.

A red box of strawberry sauce dipped chocolate sticks

8. Mini Monster Fruit Candy

This was a very tasty candy that gave me nostalgic shades of eating Fruit Roll-Ups when I was a child. It was only about 5 or 6 inches long, but it was tasty and sugary. It was also coloured like a rainbow, so it looked pretty good too. This candy was gone faster than it took me to open the package.

A white package with colourful animated monsters that are all the colours of the rainbow

9. Spooky Water DYI Candy Kit

This candy kit wasn't very spooky ? and I didn't really care for the taste of it either. This DYI kit has you mixing together three different syrups ? a blue one, a yellow one and a red one ? and mixing them together to make a tasty purple, grape-flavoured syrup. Then you can lick the syrup off the little plastic spoon they sent you. It tasted fine, but it wasn't too special and really wasn't worth all the effort.

A multicoloured package with red, blue, and yellow blobs and instructions to pour them into a dish and mix them together.

10. Halloween New Mochi Taro

The description in the Snack Menu didn't say much of what this was, but it was small, salted, crunchy corn snacks. The texture is comparable to Captain Crunch cereal, but it was salty. It was good, but it wasn't mind-blowingly good like the Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast was.

A black wrapper with a lot of colourful, vibrate shapes and a red-headed pumpkin-shaped boy in the middle

11. Happy Halloween Fugashi

This was my least favourite snack in the box. It was about five inches long and about an inch in diameter and covered in chocolate. It didn't look appetizing in the least. Inside it was a crunchy, puffed rice bar, but that didn't save it from being tossed out after a few bites.

Black and orange wrapper of a chocolate puff bar

12. Holland Senbei

Sometimes the snacks Tokyo Treats send over have crazy wrappers, but this one didn't it. It was orange with a very simple, red, black, and white woman on the cover. Inside were two small rice crackers. It was very simple but very, very good. After the Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast, this was one of my favourites that we unboxed? although, granted, a rice cracker isn't really a Halloween treat.

A simple orange, black and white wrapper

13. Maple Butter Beer Rasume Candy

This is the third time I've gotten a version of this butterbeer candy, and every time I think it's pretty good. These small sugary candies melt instantly in your mouth, becoming a sweet and buttery froth. It's fun to eat them all at once and feel them all disintegrate instantly, but it's also nice to eat them one at a time and enjoy the rush. This candy was more exciting the first few times I got it, but it was still nice to see it again.

Butterbeer candy wrapper with cartoon drunk wizard on it

14. Mini Strawberry Milk Choco Balls

These little chocolate balls look more like pills or medication than candy, but they weren't too bad when you ate them. I expected them to be crunchy hard candy balls, but instead, they broke into chocolate pretty easily. According to the Snack Menu, each one of these comes with a fortune? but I didn't see anything and I ate all of them. I hope some of the fortunes were good ones!

A 3 by 6 package of chocolate candy with some of the balls being white or red.

15. Umaiwa Mentai Flavor

These curly corn snacks were a repeat from last-year, but they were a welcomed one. The word "Umaiwa" breaks into two words "Uma" which means "delicious" and "iaw" which means "ring". However, the word "Mentai" is a type of cod, so it translates to "delicious ring of fish flavour". It was good, but maybe not for everybody.

A purple wrapper with corn fish rings on the cover

16. Full Moon Pon

This snack was pretty cute. I thought at first it was a honeycomb snack, similar to what you'll see in the Netflix series Squid Game, but according to the Snack Menu, it was a moon-shaped rice cracker to scare the werewolves away. It also apparently has a soy sauce flavour to it, which I didn't really taste.

A cute wrapper with a cat sleeping under a moon-shaped rice cracker

17. Halloween Pizza Snacks

These little pizza flavoured corn balls are another repeat from last year, but again, they were tasty and very much welcomed. The only downside to these is that the bag is pretty small, so it's gone before you really get a chance to enjoy it.

An orange wrapper with a haunted house, ghost, witch and bats on it.

All in all, Tokyo Treat's Halloween candy box was pretty good. There were a few items in it that I didn't care for, but I liked the majority of it and it was fun to try some new, international snacks. These articles don't get a lot of traffic but I enjoy making them and trying new foods, so I will probably keep doing them.

What did you think of the candy? Which ones would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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A Halloween Unboxing From Tokyo TreatA Halloween Unboxing From Tokyo Treat

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