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An Occulty Unboxing from Jessup’s General Store

An Occulty Unboxing from Jessup’s General Store

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If you've been following my blog for some time, you'll know I have a bit of an obsession with the occult. My blog is brimming with content about skulls, bones, graves, ghosts, ghouls, and hauntings. It would make sense then that I would eventually feature an occult store on my blog.

Jessup's General Store is located at 1811 Quebec Street, in Regina, in the same building as The Broom Closet Witchcraft Supply Shop. I visited their old Dewdney Avenue location before, but I really like the cozy one on Quebec Street more. For those unsure what to expect when you go inside, think of it as a cross between a holistic ingredient store and a punk rock t-shirt store.

I first discovered Jessup's General Store on Instagram and immediately questioned if such a place existed in Regina. Funky stickers? Iron-on patches? Cookbooks? Spooky T-shirts? Regina isn't exactly known for its quirky local businesses, so I was absolutely thrilled to discover such a place even existed!

I pride myself on having somewhat of a feel on the local pulse in the city, so I figured if I had never heard of them, chances are you hadn't either. I contacted them and asked them to put a box of knickknacks together for me to unbox.  I picked it up a few weeks ago and finally got around to unboxing it.

It's not often that I can say this, but I really loved this unboxing. Sometimes the stuff I get from unboxings is weird, like the time I got pebbles from Salem or some of the wacky candy I got from Japan, but this time the box was filled with stuff I absolutely loved. Here are some of the highlights:

A "Holy Water" Water bottle

It may be because of the summer heat, but I've been drinking more water lately. This water bottle is perfect for that and is made specifically for cold beverages.  When I picked up the package from them, I assumed it was a water bottle, but I didn't expect it to be a Gothic "Holy Water" water bottle! I think it is unique and hilarious, and something that is bound to raise an eyebrow if you get caught drinking it in public.

A Holy Water Water bottle

Fortune Teller Cart Pin

This little fortune teller's pin is a cartoony purple, red and black rendition straight out of a carnival. It has yellow windows on it, but they almost look like yellow cat eyes peering out from behind the curtains. It's a high-quality plastic pin and would look good on a bag, jacket, or corkboard.

Fortune Teller Pin

Spooky Iron-on Patches

Iron-on patches have a little soft spot in my heart. When I was a Cub Scout, I got my first ones, and my mom ironed them onto my blanket. I still use that blanket today, even though it has been about 20 years since I got it. The patches I got from Jessup's General Store will make an excellent addition to my blanket. I really loved the yellow skull and candle one, but a close second is the "The Night is for the Dead" patch since I tend to be a bit of a night owl.

I didn't understand the third patch that read "So mote it bee" in my YouTube video, with "bee" being a reference to the bumblebee in it. I later looked it up, and the term is a version of "So may it be", which is what Freemasons, Rosicrucianisms, and Neopagans say following the closing "Amen" in a prayer. The term is similar to "And also with you" in Christendom.

Iron-on Patches

I also got this spooky Madame Mortem iron-on patch, which shows a skeletal fortune teller. It was much more highly detailed than the other three, but still very cool!

Madame Mortem Iron-on Patches

So Many Stickers

One of the reasons I contacted Jessup's General Store was because of their super cool stickers. Those are what caught my eye on Instagram, and one of the things I was most excited about finding. To my surprise though, they sent two packs of stickers. One was the "The Hag: Wise Old Witch" and the other was "The Dark Apothecary". Both of these contained seven and five stickers respectfully. I think I liked "The Hag: Wise Old Witch" more because it had a witch, a frog and a bat in it, but "The Dark Apothecary" was really cool too, with the black crystal ball, spooky spider and bird skull.

The Hag: Wise Old Witch stickersThe Dark Apothecary stickers

Reusable Cloth Carrying Bag

Some of the items on this list are fun, but not overly practical. This black reusable cloth bag, however, is both. The bag says "Objects of Interest" and shows images of different arcane items, such as the All-Seeing Eye, a wishbone, a planchette, chicken feet, and gems, among other objects. This is great if you go to the store to buy a couple of groceries and do not want to get a plastic bag. Also, from experience, cloth bags are great to carry your laptop in if the airport does not let you carry it inside your luggage.

Reusable Cloth Carrying Bag

Good vs Evil Pin

The fortune teller's pin was cute, but this one was hilarious. This one was two separate pins, one of an angel and the other of the devil, both giving each other the middle finger. The pin immediately made me think of Chris de Burgh's Spanish Train, and the reaction between the two of them is spot on. I'm not sure where I'll put them, but something tells me it'll look good with one over each shoulder.

Good vs Evil Pin

 A Charm Bag

I know a few people who swear by good-luck charms. This can either be a rosary on their review mirror, a necklace, or something in their pocket. I carry a wooden charm I got in Japan in my wallet, which is supposed to increase my wealth. It hasn't worked? but I also got a bad luck fortune told to me in Japan where my entire life would go wrong, so I'm okay with neither charm working.

This charm bag is the perfect place to keep teeth, coffin nails, black salt, rocks, or whatever other charms you need in one tidy little space.

And in case you are wondering about why one would carry teeth with them: you can burn teeth to protect oneself from an evil witch's curse, or use them to keep bone stealing fairies away, like the Tooth Fairy.

Black charm bag

A Hexcellent Handbook: A Zine of Local Witchery

I know nothing about witchcraft, and there's a chance you might not either. Many think it involves eating children or burning bags of hair or whatever Hollywood has fed us over the years. Although I can't say for certain, I am pretty sure the above two things almost never happen. However, some people know more about witchcraft and that's where A Hexcellent Handbook: A Zine of Local Witchery comes in. Created by Karli Jessup and Susie Gourlay, this handbook discusses what witchcraft is, some easy ways to make ink, disinfectant, when to best plant your vegetables and it even has a handy crossword puzzle. Witchcraft, the book says, isn't about summoning demons or bloody murder. Instead, it is about the craft of harnessing the power of nature. This book is an "excellent" way to be introduced into witchcraft, even if you know very little about it.

A Hexcellent Handbook: A Zine of Local Witchery

The Ghost Club Notebook

I have been to some of the spookiest, most terrifying places in the world looking for ghosts, and so far, I have experienced nothing. If I didn't have a blog, a notebook like this would be the perfect place to jot down my search for proof of the afterlife. I still might do that one day, so my children can find it and wonder what kind of person I  was. Or I could just write down grocery lists in it. Either way, a notebook can be used for anything, and I'm sure I'll find something to use it for.

The Ghost Club Notebook

All in all, I really loved this unboxing by Jessup's General Store. Everything in it was cute and quirky and very unique. I don't think there's another store similar to Jessup's General Store in Regina. If any of the stuff in this article or my video interests you, please check out their website or visit their store in person.

Thank you to Jessup's General Store for making this possible.

Is there anything in this article that interested you? Let me know about it in the comments below.

Don't forget to pin it!

An Occulty Unboxing from Jessup?s General StoreAn Occulty Unboxing from Jessup?s General Store

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