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An Unboxing Mystery from Mortise & Tenon

An Unboxing Mystery from Mortise & Tenon

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Mortise & Tenon, located at 2415 11th Avenue in Regina, is one of my favourite locally-owned businesses. They sell a plethora of knickknacks and trinkets, sourcing from both international and local vendors. When they opened, they wanted to be a signature trinket store like in other major cities, and they have succeeded.

I love shopping there, and even highlighted them on my blog a few years ago in my "What Makes Downtown Regina So Cool" article.

Unfortunately, like many other businesses, Mortise & Tenon was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They had to close their doors, change their business model and start doing curbside pickups. One of the best things about their store was wandering around and looking at and touching all the quirky items they found, and that was now impossible.

I recently reached out to them and asked they could throw together a bag of random stuff for me to unbox in a video. I told them not to tell me what they were sending me, and let it be a mystery. I paid them $150 for the package and had absolutely no idea what they would send me.

If you want to see the unboxing video, you can below, or keep reading for a breakdown of the boxes' contents:

Pika & Bear's Pizza Pin

Although I'm not a huge pin person, this pizza styled pin is pretty cute. Pika & Bear focuses on jewelry for women and they sell a variety of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles. At the time of writing, they also have the 15% discount code "HELLO" available. They also have free shipping on all orders over $60, which isn't very hard to do.

Pika & Bear Pizza Pin

Tru Earth's Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips

Tru Earth is an environmentally friendly company that is trying to make the world greener one load of laundry at a time. Instead of using cups of detergent to wash your clothes, you can use one of their eco-strips to do the same job. Some detergents are harmful to the environment and can't be used by people with sensitive skin. Tru Earth uses natural ingredients in their strips. They are paraben-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable, vegan and they help keep 700 million plastic jugs out of the landfill each year. And a box of 32 is only $20!

We incorrectly thought this was like a Bounce sheet in our video, but it is used in the washer, not the dryer. It also fully dissolves, unlike Bounce sheets.

Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips

Full Circle's Soap Dish

Full Circle creates household cleaning products, like soap dishes, clothes, brooms, scrubs and anything else you need around the house. Their core values are sustainability, design and family. They want to make houses eco-friendly, safe and beautifully functional.

I already use a soap dish, but this one is much stronger, sturdier and has little rubber feet on the bottom to prevent it from sliding and crashing onto my feet when I'm still waking up in the shower.

Full Circle Soap Dish

(re)zip's Reusable Bags

(re)zip has recreated kitchen items for a more functional usage. Goodbye to the days of throwaway plastic bags. Instead, (re)zip has created durable, thick, safe, reusable plastic bags. They also created storage containers, storage bags, leakproof travel containers and to-go food bags to use at the office.

I admit, when I got the bags, I didn't appreciate how durable and high-quality they were until we took them out of the box. The biggest bag is so big that I can put leftover pizza inside it, and not lug around a big Tupperware box.

(re)zip Reusable Bags

Gravelbourg's Smokin' Barbecue Style Gourmet Mustard

As this is straight from Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, you know this is going to be good. This gluten-free mustard contains all-natural ingredients. From hot dogs to hamburgers to steak, it's the perfect way to spice up a meal.

Gravelbourg's Smokin' Barbecue Style Gourmet Mustard

HubPack's Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt is salt, right? Well, no, not really. Different types of salt can be used for different things. The average Canadian consumes about 2760mg of salt per day ? much higher than the recommended 1000-1500mg. Himalayan salt is a healthier alternative to regular salt - benefits include regulation of blood sugar and hormone balance, improved digestion, balancing electrolytes, and is a healthier alternative to salting food. It can even be used as a bath soak to rejuvenate your skin and help your skin soak up minerals via dermal absorption.

HubPack's Himalayan Pink Salt

Provisions Food Company's Blueberry and Lavender Jam

I'm a big fan of jam. Jam on crackers on toast is fine, but you can also mix in jam with yogurt, ice cream, baking or you can even use it as a sauce. Provisions Food Company is an all-natural company based out of Beamsville, Ontario and says this jam is preservative-free, fat-free and gluten-free. The jar is also rewashable and reusable too.

Once we were done filming the above video, I tried the jam for myself and it was very good. I could only taste the blueberries but I could smell the lavender.

However, because it is a jam, it does contain pectin.

Food Company's Blueberry and Lavender Jam

iLid's Mason Jar Drink Lid

Mason jars are not new. They were patented in 1858, which is actually much later than I expected. Typically, they are used for canning foods, but recently they are more commonly used to replace glassware. I've been to more than a few houses where instead of a glass, they gave me a jar to drink out of. It's weird, but cool at the same time. iLids (or, Intelligent Lids) has jumped on this bandwagon too, and has reusable lids for mason jars. This way you're not accidentally pouring the entire contents of a jar onto your face when drinking out of it.

iLid's Mason Jar Drink Lid

The Burlap Bag's Unicorn Puke Candle

Okay, so I cannot confirm what a unicorn's puke smells like, but if it smells like the candle smells, it smells very nice. The Burlap Bag is based out of Austin, Texas, with each candle's smell, appearance and packaging hand-made. The company is also very conscious of their impact on the environment. The wax is made from pesticide and herbicide-free soybeans, the fragments are phthalate-free, the wick is lead-free, the packaging is made of cornstarch, so it is biodegradable. Also, the box is recyclable.

Not only that but the candle last 70 hours and the jar is reusable.

The Burlap Bag's Unicorn Puke Candle

Soco Soap's Cold November Rain

Soco Soap is based out of Fernie, British Columbia and is a family-run business, operated by Karey Pion. Pion started making soaps in 2009 but it became more important in 2011 when she had kids. She wanted an all-natural, environmentally friendly soap. These soaps are 50% olive oil and a mix of coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. Their essential oil soaps are 99.9% natural, the fragrance oil soaps are 96.1% natural. They pride themselves in creating phthalate and paraben-free soaps that are only tested on their little human animals.

Soco Soap's Cold November Rain

Econia's Collapsible Metal Straws

I did not understand these Econia collapsible metal straws when I opened them, and you can see my confusion in my video. They package the collapsible straw cleaner inside the collapsible straw. It confused me but now I get it.

Metal straws are an easy and environmentally friendly way to save marine life, especially turtles. For the past few years, there's been a big movement to switch over to metal straws and Mortis & Tenon have just the products to help you make that switch.

Econia Collapsible Metal Straws

Kattinatt's Dishcloth

Kattinatt is based out of Sweden, so you know their products are going to quirky. All of their products are made out of renewable raw materials ? such as their dishcloth, which is made out of cotton and cellulose. It can be rinsed out and even boiled to kill any lingering bacteria. If it gets too warn away by your dish scrubbing, you can toss it into your compost too.

Kattinatt Dishcloth

Exult Planet's Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

When I first opened this cutlery set, I thought they were condensed wood or paper. Never in a million years would I have thought they were made out of wheat!

Exult Planet believes in a better tomorrow and says that every little bit helps. Using a metal straw, using a cloth bag or even a wheat cutlery set can make a huge difference.

Did you know humans throw out 15,000,000,000 tons of single-use plastic a year? Over half of that ends up in the ocean. A lot of that is food and drink packaging, as well as cutlery. These wheat straws not only prevent the wastefulness of plastic utensils, but they also biodegrade if you accidentally leave one at a park.

Exult Planet's Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

The Burlap Bag's Soy Matches

I've covered The Burlap Bag earlier in this article, but their "Smell the Smells" matches are also all-natural, created out of soy. That explains why they are a little softer than your typical wooden matches. When I first used them, I thought they were wet but it's just how they feel.

The Burlap Bag's Soy Matches

Routine's Johnny's Cash Mini Deodorant

The last item we unpacked from the box was a very strong mini deodorant. Routine is based out of Calgary but ships across Canada and internationally. Their deodorant is made from natural ingredients and is made to help people regardless of their perspiration needs. They have deodorant made specifically for people who think they may be "supa stinky", or who sweat a lot, are pregnant, or even who have a gluten intolerance. They don't put anything in their products that they wouldn't also put on their children.

Routine's Johnny's Cash Mini Deodorant

I enjoyed unboxing Mortise & Tenon's mystery package, but I think I enjoyed actually learning about the products more. It's wonderful to see all the environmentally friendly products they have and all the small businesses they support. If you want to support Mortise & Tenon like I did, you can visit their website or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.  Thank you to them for putting this box together for me.

Which of these products seem most interesting to you? Which would you use? Let me know in the comments below!

Don't forget to pin it!

An Unboxing Mystery from Mortise & TenonAn Unboxing Mystery from Mortise & Tenon

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