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An Unboxing Mystery from TokyoTreat

An Unboxing Mystery from TokyoTreat

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I love Japan. I love their creativity, their style, their art, their language, their video games, and everything about their modern society. Above all else though, I especially love their food. When I visited Japan in 2014, I tried some of the strangest food I have ever eaten, like miscellaneous deep-fried meat, raw horse, ox tongue and various types of sake, to only mention a few. I even had quite the adventure trying to find milk in Japan, which is almost an unheard-of drink in that country.

Flash-forward to 2020 and the world-wide lockdown and the restriction of travel, crowds and outdoor gatherings, make the memories of walking down the crowded streets of Tokyo seem a world away. I missed travel, food and trying new things so I decided to subscribe to a box from TokyoTreat. TokyoTreat creates themed boxes of various Japanese food and delivers it to your house.

I ordered mine in March, and it left the warehouse on March 30. It shipped on April 13. It was a May-themed box so it should have arrived in May, but this was around the time the mail system got shut down. All mail was delayed and stuck in transit. My package was MIA for months, with no tracking number from TokyoTreat and no update from Canada Post. The support at TokyoTreat were knowledgeable and updated me on the mail condition in Japan, but they weren't very helpful. But to be fair, there wasn't anything they could do. They couldn't send me my money back until the package returned to their warehouse and they couldn't give me an update on my missing package. In their defence I know they were also bombarded by thousands of people asking the same questions.

Orange box with Tokyo Treat on it

My box arrived in July, two months late. It was themed a "Non-Stop Sakura Party", with "Sakura" being a Japanese term for ornamental cherry blossom trees. By the time I got the box, Sakura was over and any contests within the box were over too.

For anybody concerned about this, don't be: TokyoTreat has updated to use tracking numbers on packages and now have faster shipping. Although my initial reaction was not ideal, they did everything they could to make it right and the box was fun to open. I would not be against getting another box, but probably not for a while.

Because the ingredients are in Japanese, I have no idea if any of these contains gluten, peanuts or soy. If you plan to order your own box, please take that into consideration.

So, with all that out of the way, here is the breakdown of what is inside TokyoTreat's Non-Stop Sakura Party May Box:

Cover of TokyoTreat's Non-Stop Sakura Party MenuContents of box

Sakura Sake KitKats

"The ultimate Japanese spring snack! Gentle, aromatic sakura cream is sandwiched between wafers, wrapped in sake chocolate for an elegant and unique KitKat experience. *This product contains 0.7% alcohol. Please be careful when sharing it with children or those who cannot consume alcohol."

I like Sake and I like KitKats. Unlike the green-tea/matcha KitKats out there, I had a feeling I would like these, and I did. They have a sweeter taste compared to the chocolate that KitKats normally have, and I felt the wafer was a little softer (perhaps it was soy instead of wheat?) but it was very tasty. However, it did have an aromatic smell to it that was surprisingly strong for a normally unscented chocolate.

A purple bag with pink flowers and a saki bottle on it, with some pink chocolate next to it

Mike Popcorn Soy Sauce & Butter Flavor

"Mike Popcorn is Japan's number 1 popcorn! The creamy Hokkaido butter blends beautifully with the soy sauce accent! A truly Japanese flavor combo!"

Of all the items in the box, this was probably the least foreign. It tasted like regular buttery popcorn with a zing of soy sauce. I've had popcorn with olive oil on it before, so soy sauce isn't too foreign, and it tasted just fine. I would definitely have this again.

Bag of popcorn

Festival Sauce Cabbage Chips

"These crunchy but light corn snacks taste like a Japanese festival! With their tasty cabbage flavor with very saucy accents, we think you'll be snacking non-stop!"

These lightly seasoned corn balls were an interesting surprise. I've never tasted anything like them before but once you get past the initial confusing taste of ketchup-flavoured mixed with cabbage, they weren't bad. In the video, I put them aside but a few days later I ate them all in one sitting.

Cabbage chips

Umaibo Mentaiko Flavor

"This classic dagashi, umaibo, is loved by children and adults alike. Now you can enjoy this popular snack in a delicious mentaiko flavor that has been enjoyed for generations in Japan!"

There's a lot of odd words in that description, so even if I had read the menu, I would be none the wiser. A "dagashi" is a cheap candy (or candle ? which it wasn't), a "umaibo" is a puffed, corn stick and "mentaiko" is like a baby cod or baby fish. So, this is a corn-stick flavoured like cod. I didn't care for it at all, but that might be because I expected it to take like a Cheeto and it instead tasted like a fish.

A thick orange cod flavoured piece of fluffed corn


"Want some crunch in your snack? Choco-Tar? has a crunch nut surprise inside its light corn and chocolatey goodness!"

This chocolate bar tasted very good. I expected it to have peanuts or something crunchy inside. Instead, it was light corn covered in chocolate. It snapped apart very easily and wasn't messy compared to other chocolate bars. I was actually very surprised by how light it was, as it was about half the weight of a regular chocolate bar.

Chocolate bar

Sankaku Crackers Vegetable Flavor

"Mini crunchy crackers with veggie flavors? Yes please! These triangle cracker treats make for a great salty sharing snack."

If you're familiar with Vegetable Thins, these tasts exactly the same. They're a toasted cracker with vegetable seasoning on it. Nothing too special other than the fact they are triangular. I really liked these and finished them that night.

Green wrapper with triangle crackers inside

Japanese Burger Gummies

"This fun treat might look like a burger, but give it a try and you'll be in for a sweet surprise! You can enjoy this gummy burger shaped snack without even ordering take out!"

It might look like a burger, but it is about a tenth of the size and made of sugar. It's a sweet, simple small snack that is available at almost any candy store in Canada. I've had them before and often get variations of them for Halloween.

(This picture is from the TokyoTreat website because apparently I forgot to take a picture of it.)

A small candy hamburger

Yaokin Porickey German Potato Sticks

"Are you craving a nice salty snack? These yummy pretzel sticks are perfect! They taste like German potatoes and make a great addition to your selection of snacks in your hanami picnic basket!"

These appear similar to Pocky, but instead of chocolate or vanilla flavoured, they are ham and potato flavoured. The ham taste isn't very strong but after the first few bites you can taste it. It was a nice crunchy snack, and I would definitely have it again.

Small thin sticks that taste like ham and potato

Chicken Ramen Snacks

"Are you a ramen fan? Now you can enjoy it with 0 effort! These crunchy dried noodles are an addictive chicken ramen flavored snack!"

The online description for this product doesn't match the one in the menu they sent, but that's fine. These ramen noodles were crunchy and tasty, but there wasn't enough to make a bowl full. Instead, I just tossed them back in a single swing straight out of the package. I was a little disappointed they weren't spicy, but they were still flavourful.

Chicken Ramen Snacks

Tirol Sakura Mochi Chocolate

"This limited edition popular spring chocolate is back! Chewy mochi wrapped in sakura and red bean chocolate with a light salt accent for a true sakura mochi experience. Perfect for sharing."

This was a nice, tasty snack. I did not realize it had red bean in it, but when describing the texture, I said it was similar to a Fig Newton. It was tasty, sweet with a slightly bitter, sticky middle. I enjoyed it and would eat them again.

Pink bag of chocolates

Japanese Apple Jelly

"In this cute little cup, you'll find Apple Jelly! This sweet apple snack is a hard jelly with a vivid green color."

I don't think apple jelly needs much of a description, but if you like apple and jelly, you'll like this. Both the menu and the online description say it is "hard jelly" but by the time I got it, it was beginning to become liquid. However, that may have been because it took four months to get here.

Apple Jelly

Abekko Ramune Candies

"Ramune makes for the perfect party drink! We wanted to bring you some mini fizzy soda candy for your party. They come in one of five flavors, strawberry, grape, orange, lemon and melon."

These snacks are tasty, but they fizz away in your mouth very quickly. They're a fun little snack that turns to foam the moment it hits your tongue. It's fun to try one at a time, but hilarious to try all at once.

A little bag of yellow candy


"Japanese traditional snacks are always tasty and unique! These tasty, crunchy and salty crackers feature a cute traditional folk tale character, Momotar? the Peach Boy on the packet!"

I wouldn't call these "crackers", but they're not really a nut either. They're similar to cashews in texture but look kind of like little teeth or the tips of chicken toes. They're crunchy and salty and very tasty, but I have no idea how the Peach Boy fits in with them.

Pink bag with a pile of small crackers beside it.

Hello Kitty Sakura Candy

"Hello Kitty is here to share some Japanese springtime goodness! Inside the cute Hello Kitty packaging, you'll find 3 flavours of cherry blossom shaped candy, orange, cherry and apple! And every package comes with a fortune!"

I actually really liked these candies. I thought the flavour was some of the best and strongest in this box, and I really liked the cute packaging. I've never seen these before and they're not on the official TokyoTreat website anymore so they must have been a limited time candy. It's too bad since they were so good.

A colourful bag of Hello Kitty candies

Frozen Coca Cola Lemon

"Frozen Coke?! This frosty treat is back! Let it freeze, squeeze the pack and enjoy a frosty Coke! Easy to hold, this coke with a fruity lemon twist is perfect anywhere! Or combine it with a coke for a chilly lemon twist!"

If you have ever had Coke with lemon in it, you'll know this is tasty before you even open it. We tried freezing it for 15 minutes like they said, but it didn't freeze enough. I think it should have been kind of like a slushy. The strangest part was drinking it out of a bag with a straw, as I've only ever done that with fruit drinks in elementary school.

Red bag of Coke

Sakura Matcha Collon

"Taste Japanese spring in this petite, limited edition crunchy treat! Using Japan grown cherry blossoms in its creamy filling, fragrant cream is wrapped inside a bittersweet matcha waffle."

As if "colon" and "cologne" didn't get confused enough, "collon" is a Japanese dessert snack. The description said it was fragranced, but it smells awful. I didn't like the way it tasted or smelled, and I would never want to eat it again.

Pink box of Cream Collon

Nissin Matcha Coconut Cookies

"Crispy and crunchy, these sweet coconut cookies are a Japanese treat perfect for sharing. They have added elements Matcha for an added boost of Japanese elegant flavor!"

I like coconut, but I do not like matcha. These cookies would have probably been fine without the extra flavour, or would have been fine if we got the Nissin Sakura flavour instead, but they tasted pretty awful the way they were. I wouldn't have these again.

A green box of crackers, with a smaller box below it, and a single cracker on the bottom right

Final Thoughts.

I really enjoyed opening TokyoTreat's Non-Stop Sakura Party box. Some of the foods I didn't really like, notably anything green-tea or fish flavoured, but some of it was very good, like the Hello Kitty candy and the Porickey sticks. Others were a nice twist on a common dish, like the cabbage chips or the soy sauce flavoured popcorn.

All in all, the box was very good and everything we got out of it was a nice surprise. The price was a little high (~$7 CAD) for only ¥1,000 ($12.60 CAD) but it's an experience that we would otherwise not have.

Would you be interested in ordering a box from TokyoTreat? What menu items would you have skipped out on? Let me know in the comments below!

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An Unboxing Mystery from TokyoTreatAn Unboxing Mystery from TokyoTreat

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