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Birthday Freebies in Regina – Updated for 2023!

Birthday Freebies in Regina – Updated for 2023!

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I originally wrote this article in 2020, but since then it’s become one of my most popular articles — and one that needs to be updated the most frequently. Some businesses closed, some changed hands, some changed deals and some asked to be taken off the list altogether. Whenever your birthday is, be sure to check out this list again because there’s a good chance it’s been updated.

So here is the Regina Birthday Freebie List of 2023!

If you’re looking for things to do in Regina on your birthday, there’s a lot of options. However, there’s nothing better than free things to do in Regina. From getting a free beer to a free ice cream to a free escape room, there’s a lot of free stuff you can get — some you can even get before or after your birthday too, which is neat.

So, what birthday freebies are there in Regina? The list is longer than you might think!

While I was putting this list together, I learned a lot of Regina businesses require advanced signups to qualify for their freebies. I understand why they do that, and I also understand that maybe you don’t want to give your personal data over to another business. With both of those in mind, I broke up the list below into two sections so to better give the companies exposure, and to get you the birthday freebies you want.

Free Stuff (No Signup Required)

(Bring your ID.)

  1. Coney Island Poutine ? a free poutine
  2. Denny’s ? a free birthday breakfast
  3. Dessart Sweets ? a free ice cream
  4. Escape Manor – free admission, on your birthday or three days before or after
  5. Fresh Carnival – a free milkshake
  6. Malty National ? a free beer
  7. Rock Creek Tap & Grill – offers a free birthday dessert, but you need to purchase a meal first.

Free Ice Cream in Dessart Sweets

Free Stuff (Signup Required)

(These are always changing so read them carefully.)

  1. Arby’s ? free shake and a free BOGO Beef and Cheddar Sandwich
  2. Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House ? free birthday meal (just message them on Facebook “Birthday Meal” to begin the sign-up process.) Your meal must be after 4pm and you must bring one other person with you. It can be used 7 days before or after your birthday.
  3. Boston Pizza ? free dessert plus other freebies and discounts, like a free starter, free bandera bread, free pizza, etc.
  4. The Canadian Brewhouse ? a free half nachos
  5. Cinnaholic Regina – $5 off on birthday but you need to sign up for their newsletter. They have other exclusive coupons though, so it’s worth signing up for.
  6. Cuppa Tea ? free 50 grams loose-leaf tea
  7. Dairy Queen ? free BOGO blizzard
  8. Good Earth ? free coffee
  9. Kenton de Jong Travel ? free list of 100+ things to do in Regina (sorry!)
  10. Marble Slab Creamery ? free ice cream
  11. Mary Browns Chicken  ? free chicken sandwich
  12. Perkin’s ? free breakfast
  13. Pita Pit ? free pita
  14. Red Lobster ? various different free foods, available a week before your birthday and three weeks after it.
  15. Starbucks ? free coffee
  16. Sephora ? free miscellaneous makeup
  17. Second Cup ? free coffee

The Body Shop also gives a free $10 off purchase birthday coupon for signing up, but that’s not free since you’re still required to pay for something.

Cora’s also gives you a $5 coupon for your birthday, as well as a personalized message from Madam Cora.

Quiznos also gives you free birthday points, but I don’t consider “points” to be a freebie. Mr. Mike’s gives you $25 in points too.

A lot of online websites also list the Keg Steakhouse as having a birthday freebie, but they actually stopped offering that in Canada so they don’t make the list.

And… that’s it! For now anyway. Have you taken advantage of any of these freebies? Are there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Birthday Freebies in ReginaBirthday Freebies in Regina

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