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Unboxing a Prairie Goddess Gift Box

There are not many positives that have come out of 2020, but one thing that has is the urge to support local businesses. Although many people were shopping locally before the pande ...

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Unboxing Saskatchewan-Made Baechu Kimchi

If you're reading this, you probably already know what kimchi is. However, prior to my trying it, I did not know what it was. For those unfamiliar like me, "kimchi" is a Korean ...

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What Happened When Regina Got the Spanish Flu Vaccine?

To start with, there was no Spanish Influenza vaccine. Or at least, not one that was of any use. In 1918, scientists didn't have the capability to see viruses, similar to how ...

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Wilcox’s Nuremberg Chronicles and Other Reliquaries

In 1935, the National Socialist German Workers' Party ? better known as the Nazi Party ? forbid Jewish physicians from practicing medicine. Could this be the reason why Dr. Hermann ...

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Lancaster Review: A Welcome Sense of Normalcy

For a moment it seemed like how it used to be. I was invited to The Lancaster Taphouse's new downtown location for a pre-opening last weekend. The restaurant is in the old Capit ...

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Does Regina Really Have a Dead Baby Museum?

"The answer to this question will be given to the best of my ability." ? How to Prevent Cancer, John Champaux, 1971. Assistant pathologist John Champaux worked at the Regina Gen ...

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The Scariest Places I Have Ever Been

When you are looking to book a vacation, you probably have your go-to websites to find the best places to eat, shop or sightsee. You might even look to see if any shows or performa ...

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7 Regina Cemetery Stories for Your Curriculum

For years I have been trying to find some way to bring the stories from the Regina Cemetery into the school curriculum. I've spent countless hours emailing principals and teachers ...

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Exploring the Abandoned Holy Ghost Church

The Holy Ghost Church is located south of Saskatoon. Actually, that isn't true. In fact, it is nowhere near Saskatoon. But in the "urbex" (urban exploration) and "rurex" ( ...

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    5 Weekend Destinations In Saskatchewan

    The past few weeks have been really busy for me, with a lot more time at the office and a lot less time travelling. Thankfully, the weekend is just around the corner and with it co ...

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    Birthday Freebies in Regina – Updated for 2023!

    I originally wrote this article in 2020, but since then it's become one of my most popular articles -- and one that needs to be updated the most frequently. Some businesses closed, ...

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    How Does a Buddhist Celebrate Christmas?

    With the holiday season upon us, many people have begun asking me if and how I plan to celebrate Christmas. This is a good question, and I completely understand the confusion since ...

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