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Category: Dark Tourism

What Happened to the Victims of the Regina Cyclone?

It had been a long, hot week in Regina the final days of June 1912. And it was looking like June 30th would be just another hot day as well. But June 30th would be a very differ ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, History, Regina, Saskatchewan

9 Curios to Add to Your Cabinet of Curiosities

I first heard the term "cabinet of curiosities" when I read Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's 2002 book of the same name. I don't remember much of the book, as Special Agent Aloy ...

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Categories: Dark Tourism, History, Paranormal

The Possession of Barbe Hallay

Barbe Halley was born in France in 1645 and immigrated to Quebec City, New France on June 16, 1659. The world Hallay found herself in is very different than what we know today. ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, Paranormal, Quebec

The Abduction of Davy Mercer

The Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive, or MUNFLA, was created in 1968 for the purpose of recording folk stories of and around Newfoundland and Labra ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, Newfoundland and Labrador, Paranormal

The Mystery of Dagg’s Demon

In 1899, the Dagg family lived in a small cottage about eleven kilometers from Shawville, Quebec. The family consisted of George Henry Dagg, his wife Susan, their 5-year-old daught ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, Paranormal, Quebec

The Last of the Wendigo Hunters

The Wendigo is one of the most feared creatures in Canadian legend. As with any story that spans different cultures and languages, it has different variations, different spellings, ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, Manitoba, Paranormal

Saskatchewan’s Devil Church

The following article is about the sexual abuse of children. Reader discretion is advised. It was late October of 1991 and it was bathtime. It had been a long day, and a moth ...

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Categories: Dark Tourism, General, Paranormal, Saskatchewan

The Vampires of Wilno, Ontario

Wilno, Ontario's claim to fame is that they have the oldest Polish community in Canada. It was established in 1858, primarily by settlers from Kashubia, a territory in Poland. The ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, Ontario, Paranormal

Six Creepy Canadian Stories

During the past few months, I've been very interested in Canadian folk stories. Part of this is because of the podcast I co-host called Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, but my interest ...

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Categories: Canada, Dark Tourism, History, Paranormal

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    5 Weekend Destinations In Saskatchewan

    The past few weeks have been really busy for me, with a lot more time at the office and a lot less time travelling. Thankfully, the weekend is just around the corner and with it co ...

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    Categories: Canada, Saskatchewan

    Birthday Freebies in Regina – Updated for 2024!

    I originally wrote this article in 2020, but since then it's become one of my most popular articles -- and one that needs to be updated the most frequently. Some businesses closed, ...

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    Categories: Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan

    How Does a Buddhist Celebrate Christmas?

    With the holiday season upon us, many people have begun asking me if and how I plan to celebrate Christmas. This is a good question, and I completely understand the confusion since ...

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