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Is Jack Keaton’s Closed?

Is Jack Keaton’s Closed?

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It feels like February is the month where a lot of my blog's plotlines are tying themselves up. First, there was confirmation from the City of Regina that the glockenspiel I was vying for will finally begin construction, then there was a major update on the cemetery walking tours (coming soon) and now there's something going on with Jack Keaton's. As interesting as this all is, I will be excited when my travel blog can go back to being about, well, travel. I'm sure you will be too. Thankfully we have some adventures at the end of the month that will be a nice change of pace.

For those who don't recall my episode with Jack Keaton's BBQ and Bar, about a year and a half ago (October 2018) I had an online disagreement with the owner of the restaurant. I was attempting to collaborate with them, but they decided to shut down all communications and essentially "ghost" me. After months of ignored emails, I wrote a negative review on their Facebook page, stating that the management was hard to work with. The owner replied and angrily responded, after a brief exchange of words, that I should "get off my ass" and come to his restaurant.

So I did, and I did a review on it and it was not a positive one.

Jack Keaton's

There was a fair bit of blow-back from that article and it's something I don't talk about very often. Some people said it was immature while others said it was professional. Some said my article was too subjective while others said it was perfectly fine. Jack Keaton's didn't take it very well, however, and several of my advertisers received emails from a lawyer claiming to represent them. This lawyer didn't specifically state they represented Jack Keaton's, but the content of the emails made it perfectly clear who it was from and what it was about. I believe this lawyer also contacted Tourism Regina, who at the time I was writing for. Due to Tourism Regina policies, they cannot work with somebody who speaks poorly of local businesses, so we could no longer work together.

I thought that was it, but a month later the social media person for Jack Keaton's presented at a social media conference in Regina and used me as an example of how not to run social media. A lot of people were upset and complained to the conference organizer. The organizer would later apologize to me directly and pull the presentation from their distribution list. They would also change their policies and guidelines so that something like that would never happen again.

It's been over a year since that and I haven't thought much of Jack Keaton's at all. If I'm hungry, I just go somewhere else to eat. It didn't change anything in my life.

But that all changed today when I got a message that Jack Keaton's had suddenly closed their doors. Their Facebook page said they were open, but nothing had been posted for over a week. All of the events that they had planned were also suddenly cancelled. So, I decided to drive on down and find out if it was true that Jack Keaton's had indeed closed.

To clarify, it is never a good thing when a local restaurant closes, even if I don't support them. It hurts the local economy; it hurts local employees and it impacts a neighbourhood. I hope everything is okay and I hope everybody is fine.

While I don't have confirmation from the company that they are closed, when I arrived at the restaurant, several hours prior to when they should be closed, and on their busiest night of the week, I found it locked up, with the lights off and a "Sorry, We're Closed" sign in the window.

I don't know why they closed, and I don't know if it's permanent. From what I've been told they're closed for good, but it could just be a case of relocation, as they have done in the past. I would ask them directly what was going on, but the owners blocked me on social media and don't reply to my emails anyway. Either way, I wish Jack Keaton's and their management well, and I hope the employees were given proper notice and compensation. I also hope this will be my final article talking about Jack Keaton's.

As always, let me know what you think. I'm always happy to review any other restaurants, so please send them my way!

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