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Review of the Regina Airport Hotel

Review of the Regina Airport Hotel

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I have stayed at the Home Inn Express twice in the past ? once before going fishing, and another on my way to Lethbridge. Both times it was in Medicine Hat, and both times I had excellent service. The room looked the same both times so either I had the same room, or the visitor experience is universal.

Last year I had fellow blogger Jeanine, from Jsask's Mom's Blog, contact me and ask where she should stay in Regina for Country Thunder. Since the Regina version, the Home Inn & Suites ? Regina Airport, is only minutes away from the airport, I recommended they stay there.

But, I felt a little guilty recommending the hotel. I've only been to the Medicine Hat variant, not our own, and decided I had to change that. I reached out to the hotel and arranged a room after the holiday rush was over for Jessica's and I's anniversary in early January.

Sunset from hotelSunrise from hotel

Although I just expected a normal hotel room, the folks over at the Home Inn & Suites arranged us to have a suite, on the top floor of the building. It was equipped with two televisions, a sectional sofa, a king-sized bed, a view of Habour Landing, and a jacuzzi.

They also gifted us with mini gift bags. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I told them my blog covers the "bizarre" (that's a fair description, right?) and they included werewolf and skeleton chocolate candies in the bag. They were milk chocolate with nuts inside, which made them dangerously delicious.

The gift bags also included a bottle of water, some gluten-free veggie sticks and chips (highly recommend both) and some "Brain Bars" which were chocolate protein bars.

Giftbags at hotel

However, the best part of the room was the towel swans on our bed.  I'm not sure if this is a common thing that they do for all anniversary stays, but it was really sweet. It also showed the hotel listened to me and went above and beyond to make the stay memorable. This personal touch ? and maybe the chocolates too? ? showed the hotel cares about its visitors.

Two swans

But this got me wondering... are all the rooms the same here too? There's a small chance I'd get the same room twice in Medicine Hat, so maybe all the rooms at this version of the Home Inn hotels are the same too.

Instead, I couldn't be more wrong. While we got the "Jacuzzi Suite", there's also the "Classic Room Two Queens", the "Two Queen Kitchen Suite", the "Business King", the "2 Queen Family Suite" and the luxurious "Home Signature Suite". This room is perfect for any family and even includes a separate bedroom and a six-seater couch.

Main roomSide room in hotel

But there's one more room they offer which caught me off-guard and (please tell me if I'm wrong on this) is unlike any other hotel room in Regina. The Home Inn & Suites have partnered with the Saskatchewan Science Centre to create a unique "Science Room". The living room is underwater themed with a Queen pull-out sectional and a fish tank coffee table. The children's separate room is underground themed, with leaves on the ceiling and tree roots on the walls. The adult's room is space-themed, with a six-foot-high moon as the bed's headboard, and stars twinkling on the walls.

The hotel also comes with a variety of amenities, such as a pool and waterslide, a salon and spa, a fitness centre, complimentary breakfast, a 24/7 coffee bar, free parking (which is a nice surprise, being as I got dinged for parking in Calgary last month) and free Wi-Fi. Although Wi-Fi is common these days, it would astound you how many hotels have bad Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi had such a strong signal that Jessica and I could hook up our computers and play an online game together without any lag.

Normally I would take pictures of the amenities, but while we were there, there was also a junior girls ringette tournament. After we checked in, the hotel was quickly flooded with pre-teen girls, chaperones and coaches. Jessica and I checked out the pool and waterslide but figured it would be best to leave the cameras in the hotel room.

After, Jessica and I visited the attached Brewed Awakening coffee shop. Jess and I have made it our own personal mission to drink every variety of white hot chocolate in the city, so we had to try it there. It was okay, but not superb. I would put it in the top five white hot chocolates, but it was all right. However, the carrot cake and peanut butter energy balls were to die for, and I would have them again in a heartbeat.

Coffee at Brewed Awakening

I'm a heavy sleeper, but if I'm uncomfortable I wake up frequently. I woke up a lot that night and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until I got up, walked to the closet and found a heavy duvet that I tossed on the bed was I able to settle down. I guess I just needed a big ol' fluffy blanket to sleep that night. This is good information to have for anybody else who likes hotel bedsheets but wishes there was a thicker, cosier option.

One thing that was nice was that, although the hotel was full of screaming pre-teen girls, we hardly heard anything. In some hotels, you can hear doors closing the hallway, but at this one, we only heard voices as they walked past the door. The biggest noise that entire night was the howling wind outside, but we countered it by turning on the fireplace and cosying up to it.

We skipped out on the breakfast that morning, but I still looked at what was offered. Although a lot was gone thanks to the ringette teams, the breakfast was standard, with cereal, toast, fruit, and a waffle maker. I didn't see any eggs or bacon, but we had also gotten there late so they might have ended that for the day.

Hotel eating roomBreakfast buffett

The Home Inn & Suites ? Regina Airport hotel was really nice. They went above and beyond to make us comfortable, they treated us like family and even gave us a heads-up that the ringette team would be there prior to booking. They went above and beyond to make our time comfortable, and I can't wait to stay there again.

Have you ever stayed at the Home Inn & Suites ? Regina Airport hotel? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Review of the Regina Airport HotelReview of the Regina Airport Hotel

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