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Ukrainian Handmade Sask Unboxing

Ukrainian Handmade Sask Unboxing

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Handmade Saskatchewan is a Regina-based handmade-only vendor located at the Southland Mall. I've shopped there a few times over the years, and I am currently working my way through a delicious bag of popcorn seasoning that I got from there for my birthday.

About a month ago, Handmade Saskatchewan put out a limited-time box of goodies in which all the proceeds went to help the people of Ukraine. Their online posts made it seem like the box would be filled with Ukrainian-related stuff, but in fact, it was mostly foodstuffs with only a few Ukrainian-related things. I was hoping to get more Ukrainian stuff out of the box, but that's the fun of an unboxing -- you never know what you're going to get!

Below is a brief breakdown of what was in the box, but I also did an unboxing on my YouTube channel too. Until May 1st, every "like" my YouTube video gets is one dollar I'll be donating to help Ukraine. You can see the video below, or keep reading for a breakdown of the box contents.

Ukrainian Stickers (x3)

Although these three stickers aren't Ukrainian in and of themselves, they are sunflowers, which are a symbol of Ukraine. The first sticker is a simple sunflower with the words "You Are My Sunshine" inside of it. The next is a more complicated sticker of three sunflowers with the middle of each sunflower being a galaxy of swirling stars. The third sticker (which is my favourite) has a skull sitting in the middle of the sunflower, with the petals wrapped around it.

Three sunflower stickers

Chocolate Moose Turtle Flavoured Fudge

Did you know chocolate turtles were invented in Canada? I didn't know that! I absolutely love turtle chocolate so having it in fudge form is very dangerous and very delicious. If I recall, Jessica got me some similar fudge for my birthday. I don't really remember though because it was gone almost as soon as she gave it to me. I think I may have a problem...

Chocolate Fudge in plastic wrapper

Chocolate Moose Sweet!! Candy Popcorn

Candy popcorn isn't Canadian (it's from Chicago), but it's nevertheless a staple of every person's sweet tooth. This bag of popcorn is caramel apple pie flavoured, which is a very scrumptious combination of sweet and sour. Honestly, popcorn is good in any form really, but nothing beats candy popcorn.

Cany popcorn in a plastic bag with a label with the flavour and nutritional information

Schneider's Gourmet World Sweet Chili Popcorn Seasoning

Staying on the theme of popcorn (I really should have had supper before writing this...), Schneider's Gourmet World is based out of Neuanlage, Saskatchewan and makes some of the best popcorn seasoning I've ever had. I used to love putting sour cream and onion seasoning on my popcorn when I was a teen (mostly so I didn't have to share it) and I was gifted some of Schneider's sour cream and onion for my birthday. It was delicious and packed with flavour. I'm really excited to try out sweet chili popcorn seasoning, because I like spicy food and I think spicy popcorn would be an interesting taste.

A giant purple ornate bag with the popcorn season flavouring written on it in white text

Twinkie Toes and Toppers Hot Plate Holder

Twinkie Toes and Toppers made this really cute Ukrainian flag-themed hot plate holder. You can use it to put under plates, or for taking hot dishes out of the oven or microwave. It's really cute, very soft and it's handsewn too. I had never heard of Twinkie Toes and Toppers before so I checked out their Facebook page. They make everything from stuffed animals to shawls. They are very worth checking out because they put a lot of work into their products.

Handsewn square piece of cloth, half coloured in blue and half in yellow

Angela's Own Homestyle Orginals Cesar Dip

I've never had powdered dip before! By just mixing this powder with water and stirring it up, it becomes a very large amount of dip that could be used on a salad, or with vegetables like carrots, snap peas or broccoli. If it was ranch flavoured, one could even use it for cheese sticks or pizza. There's a lot of options with this kind of dip and I was surprised by how much came out of such a small bag. This is something I'm going to keep an eye out for next time I go shopping.

A small white bag with sunflowers on it, and small black text telling what kind of dip it is

Schneider's Gourmet World Wheat More

I don't know what this is. I tried looking online and even found the product on the Schneider's Gourmet World website, but I'm not sure if the product description is right since these don't look like chips at all. Either way, you're supposed to heat these up in oil and they become four times their original size and you can eat them like a snack. I've never heard of them. Have you ever had them?

A giant purple ornate bag with the wheat mores written on it in white text. Inside are little red tubes.

Teafluent Smoked Maple Tea

I'm not a huge tea drinker, but I've tried a few times to get into it. But I like the idea of smoked maple tea, so I am willing to give this a try. Have you ever tried it?

A black bag with tea inside

Soup 'n Stuff Beef Orzo Mix

While I haven't had this particular brand, I have had soup mix in a bag before. It's really easy to make. All you need to do is pour it into a pot and add liquid to it. In this case, it's a tomato base -- like V8 or Clamato Juice or anything tomato-like. Orzo is a type of grain like rice, but a little bigger. I would be willing to bet adding some beef or pork into this would be an excellent idea too, but just by itself, it's probably a delicious meal.

A tube of tried vegetables, orzo, salt and pepper

All in all, I really liked this box from Handmade Saskatchewan. I thought they would be more Ukrainian-related stuff, but I am happy with what I got -- and all the proceeds went to helping Ukraine too. If any of this interests you, you can find Handmade Saskatchewan at the Southland Mall, and you might even find me wandering around there too!

Everything inside Handmade Sask box

What did you think of this box? Do you know what those Schneider's Gourmet World Wheat More things are? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ukrainian Handmade Sask UnboxingUkrainian Handmade Sask Unboxing

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