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Unboxing a Prairie Goddess Gift Box

Unboxing a Prairie Goddess Gift Box

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There are not many positives that have come out of 2020, but one thing that has is the urge to support local businesses. Although many people were shopping locally before the pandemic, the past few months have shown just how fragile many of these businesses are. Local businesses are what make cities flourish. They are the flavour that makes each city different than the next.

From the Prairies acknowledges this and decided to use the current crisis to showcase some of Saskatchewan's homegrown talent. They offer a wide variety of different boxes, each that showcase different products all either made in Saskatchewan or supplied by a Saskatchewan producer. The products are thoughtfully curated by Brandi to engage all five of your senses -- touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste.

The box I got from From the Prairies was their "Prairie Goddess" box. This box is full of things for the goddess in you or the goddess in your life. Although many of the items in this box are items I would not use, there are people in my life who would use them.

Thank you to Brandi from From the Prairies for letting me purchase this box before the holiday season. You can get your own box on their website too, while supplies last.

Prairie Creek Candles ? Hand Poured Soy Candle

Prior to 2020, I didn't know soy candles existed, but this is the second time I've reviewed them on my blog this year. Prairie Creek Candles' Wild Cranberry and Orange wasn't overpowering at all, and produced a nice, soft, refreshing citrus smell.

One of the neat things about Prairie Creek Candles is that their candles have wooden wicks. Unlike cotton wicks, these wicks produce no smoke or soot. If they do, it means the wicks need to be trimmed. Also, unlike cotton wicks, it is best to light the wooden wick along the length, not just the top. This makes for a clean burn. They also crackle as they burn, unlike cotton wicks.

One of the differences between soy candles and regular wax candles is that soy candles have a "memory" attached to them so that if they burn one way, they will always burn that way. It is recommended that for your first burn of a soy candle, you burn them to the edge of the container to prevent this "memory" from ruining the candle.

Soy Candle

Prairie Apothecary - Goddess Bath Salts

Prairie Apothecary is based out of Prince Alberta and focuses on organic and wildcrafted skincare. Their website doesn't list their Goddess Bath Salts anymore, but the one I got contains ingredients like magnesium sulfate, pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, cedarwood, and citrus. Many of these ingredients are used to promote stress relief, flush toxins out of the body and improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin.

Beyond bath salts, Prairie Apothecary also sells herbal salve, lip balm, perfume, body mist, herbal tea and various oils and toners.

Bath Salts

PayKay Designs ? Clay Edition Earrings

PayKay Designs is probably the smallest small business featured on in the Prairie Goddess box, but their product is probably one of the most impressive. PayKay Designs sells hand-crafted polymer clay earrings. They create both studs and elongated earrings and have a wide variety of selections. To cap off 2020 and the holiday season, they even released a brand-new Gold Goddess earring.

Although they don't have a website, you can find them and order from them directly off Instagram.

Clay Earrings

Pickle & Bee ? Natural Lip Scrub

In my unboxing video of the Prairie Goddess box, I was perplexed by Pickle & Bee's natural lip scrub. For those who also wondered, a lip scrub can be used to soften and smooth your lips prior to using something like lipstick (which explains why I had no idea what it was!). It is good to use also if you're in the sun or in a harsh wind. The difference between a lip scrub and a lip balm is that a lip balm just moisturizes your lips, while a lip scrub "scrubs" away from the dead skin cells and makes them smoother. Therefore, it is recommended not to use it if your lips are cut or sunburnt.

Pickle & Bee was created shortly after the founder Liz gave birth to her third child ? and after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After talking to her doctor, she wanted to make several lifestyle changes, including the removal of synthetic chemicals from her environment. This would be best for her own recovery, and for her children's growth.

Her first challenge was something any busy mother can relate to ? a good, reliable deodorant. She tried several different kinds, but none smelt good, was all-natural, and did the job. She then decided to make her own, and that is when the company began.

Pickle & Bee sells all-natural deodorant, lip balm, lip scrub, body butter, beard oil, shampoo, and whatever else you need to make yourself more feeling and looking your best.

Lip Scrub

But First, Tea ? Santa's Spiced Tea Blend

Peace and quiet is a luxury many of us crave, and a cup of tea is the perfect way to make it that much better. But First, Tea is a boutique tea blending brand in Regina that makes loose leaf tea made from all-natural ingredients.

But First, Tea does not have a website or place to find out more about their tea or their ingredients, but by scanning their Facebook page, they offer a wide variety of different options. Some of their tea includes their St. John's Wort Anxie, which can help with depression, their Herbal Zen Tea, which helps with stress, and their Saffron Tea, which helps with mood and memory improvement.

(Now if only they could put all of those in one tea?)

Santa's Spiced Tea Blend

Naked Kitty Co ? London Fog Lip Balm

Naked Kitty Co. specializes in all-natural body care products, such as deodorants, facial scrubs, body lotion, night cream, facial oil, and lip balm to name a few. Like other companies on this list, they only sell products from all-natural ingredients. However, they also go one step further and guarantee all their products are vegan too.

I unboxed Naked Kitty Co.'s London Fog lip balm and found the smell and texture of it to be very soft. London Fog sometimes has an overpowering smell to it, but this was so subtle I needed to take a few whiffs before I could smell it. As somebody who always suffers from cracked lips, I would definitely use this product.

Lip Balm


Monat is a global brand of hair care and skin care products. Their products are naturally based, combining the power of nature with modern science, and are used by millions around the world. Their products remove the waxes and silicones that traditional shampoos leave behind on your hair, allowing your hair to return to a healthy state and heal damage from the inside out - it's even been proven to promote hair growth and regrowth!

Monat is the odd-one-out on this list as they are not produced locally, but they are sold locally. You've probably heard of Monat the past few years, as they expanded from being just in Canada and the United States to also including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Poland. Many people sell Monat, and many swear by it.

The Monat I got from the Prairie Goddess Box was from Janis Waldegger, but my sister Krystal Safinuk sells it too. Whoever you choose to buy your Monat from, you will know you are getting healthy, vegan products.


I really enjoyed From the Prairies' Prairie Goddess box, and I want to thank them for putting it together for me. There is a lot of small businesses out there that I have never heard of before, and it is getting more and more important to support them. Every time you spend a dollar buying from somebody local, may it be a soy candle, an all-natural deodorant, a locally made shampoo, or some jewelry, you are putting money back into the local economy, and keeping harmful plastics and chemicals out of our environment. With more and more stores being forced to close during the pandemic, the urgent need to support these companies grows too.

If you want to get your own Prairie Goddess Box, you can order it off the From the Prairies website.

Have you used any of these products? Would you? Personally, I am most likely to use the soy candle but that's just me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Unboxing a Prairie Goddess Gift BoxUnboxing a Prairie Goddess Gift Box

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