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Unboxing Saskatchewan-Made Baechu Kimchi

Unboxing Saskatchewan-Made Baechu Kimchi

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If you're reading this, you probably already know what kimchi is. However, prior to my trying it, I did not know what it was.

For those unfamiliar like me, "kimchi" is a Korean dish made of fermented vegetables. Although you can buy kimchi at any grocery store, they are often packed full of preservatives and other little nasties. The kimchi I tried was made in Saskatoon by Baechu Kimchi. It was jarred, packed, and hand-delivered right to my door.

So, now that we know what "kimchi" is, what is "baechu"? Because kimchi has been around for centuries, it has a lot of variations. However, the most common and most popular is made out of Napa cabbage, which is simply "beachu" in Korean.

Baechu Kimchi is proud to say that most of their ingredients are locally sourced. The only exception is their Napa cabbage, as they can't grow it in Saskatchewan. Depending on the time of year, they either import it from Ontario or directly from Korea. Because of this, they make sure every other ingredient comes from a local producer, so you know what you are eating is healthy and fresh.

Three types of kimchi

Fermented cabbage might not sound too exciting. After all, it's just cabbage with Laco Acid Bacteria and some other spices. The LAB then changes the carbohydrates in the vegetables into lactic acid. But what's so cool about that? Well, the fermentation process makes kimchi phenomenal for your gut health. There's the old saying "You are what you eat", and it is especially true with kimchi. Many people eat sugary, processed food, and then suffer from obesity, stomach problems, and acute mental health problems. Time and time again, it has been proven that processed food creates a toxic environment in your stomach, and that leads to a toxic environment in your brain. Having bad gut health can cause anything from insomnia, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, and even cancer.

Antibiotic medicine can have the same effect too, only instead of adding bad bacteria into your stomach, it nukes all the bacteria, leaving you with the T-800s of bacteria. Often this has more negative side effects than good ones, and whatever bacteria is left is super-strong and super mad. Therefore, many believe the next pandemic will be from drug-resistant super bacteria.

So, how do we stop the T-800s? With Kimchi. This dish is packed full of probiotics, which help set your stomach back on track, take out those pesky Terminator bacteria, and help your own mental clarity. And it tastes really good too!

Baechu Kimchi, created by local entrepreneur Atidthan Sangsawang, sells three different kinds of kimchi: original, vegan, and extra spicy. Their ingredients are all-natural and are even listed on their website. They are: Sui Choy cabbage, water, carrots, Daikon radishes, yellow onions, salt, green onions, ginger, Asian pears, garlic, Korean pepper flakes, and rice flour. The original kimchi has fish sauce (anchovies) and the extra spicy has fish sauce and chili pepper.

And? that's it. No crazy chemicals, no number-coloured dyes, and no weird acronyms. Just healthy, all-natural, delicious food that's good for you and for your gut health. Also, because it is fermented, it never goes bad! All you need to do is open the jar once every few weeks and release the built-up CO2 gas. If you forget, that's okay too, since it will just turn into vinegar.

But how does this stuff taste? Well, because I had no idea what kimchi was prior to eating it, I tried eating it by itself. It was very strong stuff, but once you mix it with something else like rice, soup, or stew, it's much better.

The Traditionalist - Classic Kimchi for The Pure.

Original Kimchi

The first kimchi I tried was their original, traditional kimchi. The only difference between this and the vegan kimchi is the addition of anchovies.  I have had anchovies before, both on pizza and just salted out of a box, but I didn't care for them. However, with the kimchi, I thought it was very nice. While not everybody likes anchovies, I felt it complemented the taste.

For people who don't like anchovies, you probably won't even notice them in this dish. However, if you really don't like them, or you have a dietary restriction, it might be better to stick with the vegan variation.

The Pacifist - Vegan Kimchi for The Peaceful.

Vegan Kimchi

The second kimchi I tried was their vegan kimchi. I felt it was a little hotter than the original, but it could have just been a slightly different recipe. It had a bit of a kick, but nothing overly strong. By itself, the kimchi is a tasty dish but mixed with rice, it is superb. As somebody who is just getting into kimchi, I recommend this one first. It is not too hot, and it goes well with any dish. It's also vegan, so you help save the fishies too.

The Challenger - Extra Spicy Kimchi for The Brave.

Spicy Kimchi

Now, this is my kind of kimchi. After my second mouthful of it, my tongue went numb. I like it when food doesn't want to be eaten. This kimchi is hot and I loved it. Some spicy food like jalapeno peppers burns your tongue and stays there, but this kimchi spreads around your mouth and then fades away. By the time you are getting your second bite, the burn has dissipated. It is a hot flash of heat, but one that goes away and makes you wanting more. It warms you up in an instant, which is perfect for a winter day.

Christmas Kimchi

All the kimchi was good, but I recommend the vegan, traditional and then extra spicy for your first time eating them. My favourite was the extra spicy, but that's because I like spicy food. However, I was told there's a new batch coming out in January, 2021 that is made for the winter season so if that's really hot too, it may be my new favourite instead. We'll find out!

Thank you to Baechu Kimchi for letting me try their kimchi. You can get your own kimchi on their website for 10% off any online order with the coupon code KentonDec20 until January 31, 2021. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their YouTube channel.

Have you ever had kimchi? Would you be willing to give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Unboxing Saskatchewan-Made Baechu KimchiUnboxing Saskatchewan-Made Baechu Kimchi

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