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Unboxing TokyoTreat’s Hungry, Hungry Halloween

Unboxing TokyoTreat’s Hungry, Hungry Halloween

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I've talked about TokyoTreat before, but for those unfamiliar, TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription box that brings Japan's bizarre array of food to your doorstep. I purchased a box from TokyoTreat earlier this year, and it was "Spring" themed. However, due to the mail backlog from the COVID-19 pandemic, it took several months to get here. Since then, TokyoTreat has added shipment tracking, priority shipping and sends off the packages at lightning-fast speed. Although my first experience with them was a bit off-putting, follow-up experiences have been fantastic.Box of Hungry, Hungry Halloween candyBox of Hungry, Hungry Halloween candy

In honour of Halloween, TokyoTreat put together a box full of various Halloween treats. From ghosts and ghouls to pumpkins and apple-pies, their Halloween box was filled with a variety of tasty treats. Please check out my video or read below to see my thoughts on each of the different candy that came in their Halloween box:

1. Lipton Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

I like Crème Brûlée and I like milk tea, but I did not really care for this drink. This is one of the few items in the box I got that I did not finish. I am a fan of other Lipton products, so I was surprised this one wasn't very good. Perhaps it would be better if it were served cold instead of room temperature, or perhaps even served warm. However, I'll never know because I poured it down the drain immediately afterward.

Lipton Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

2. KitKat Halloween Apple Pie

I find custom KitKat bars to be pretty hit-or-miss. The Matcha KitKats we got last time were gross, but I knew they were going to be gross because Matcha is gross. But I like apple pie, and I was expecting some good KitKats this time. Fortunately, these crunchy, sweet, and sour chocolate bars delivered. I'm not sure why the chocolates were purple as apple pie isn't purple, but it was tasty nevertheless.

KitKat bars

3. Bubbly Taiyaki Berry Zombie Fish

I absolutely loved the packaging for this candy. It had an undead zombie fish eating another fish! How cool is that! Inside though, it was a different story. This crunchy wafer was dyed black ? a colour you would normally avoid when eating, but because it is a zombie, it was fitting. However, I found it extremely hard to bite into. I am not sure if this product is normally this hard or if it was just made that way because it was "zombie" themed, but I don't plan to eat this zombie fish ever again.

Zombie Fish

4. Pringles Mystery Flavor

According to the TokyoTreat website, this product was supposed to be a mysterious flavoured tube of Pringles, but mine said the flavour on it: tom yum kung, or spicy shrimp soup. And I loved it! It is not every day you eat a chip that makes you stop and give it a double-take. I have been eating a lot of spicy food lately and this shrimp flavoured chip was an interesting twist. I have never seen shrimp soup flavoured chips before, but I will not hesitate to buy them next time.

Mysterious Pringles Tube

5. Maple Butter Beer Ramune Candy

One of the challenges with any Japanese candy is that the packaging is in Japanese (duh). I knew what this product was because we had a similar one last time, but the only thing I could decipher off the packaging was that it involved beer. This left me very confused when I ate these "melt-in-your-mouth" candies because it tasted nothing like beer. Only after looking at the menu in the box did I realize it was actually butter beer, not just beer. As always, it helps to read. These candies made more sense after figuring out their flavour, but they were still good either way.

Butter Beer

6. Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding Flavor

This was as good as it sounds. Imagine the texture of Popcorn twists but covered in caramel with a dash of pumpkin and cinnamon flavouring. I found these to be super tasty and crunchy and I loved every bit of the bag. Thankfully, the bag was really big and packed full of the food, unlike most candy bags in North America.

Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding Flavor

7. Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn

The packaging on the website shows Generation I Pokemon, Pikachu, but my bag had Generation VIII Pokemon, Cinderace. I'll admit, I'm a little behind on my Pokemon games but Cinderace looked familiar enough that I knew I saw them somewhere before. But then again, a fire-infused rabbit is a common thing in Japan so it really could have been anything. As for the treats themselves, they a crunchy chocolate corn snack. They were shaped like Pikachu but because I didn't get the reference, I thought they were just shaped like rabbits. Sorry, Pikachu.

Pokemon Choco Corn

8. Sweet Potato Karusatsuma Sticks

I like pretzel sticks, and I like sweet potatoes. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about combing the two of them, but they actually come together very nicely. Unlike some pretzels that are hard and crunchy, these were softer, almost like Pocky. It was a surprisingly good treat and one that I would definitely have again.

Sweet Potato Sticks

9. Ghoulish Gummies

These classic Halloween gummies need no introduction. They were the sweet, gooey, gummy candy that we all know and love. No Halloween is complete without them, and they had a solid second place on my Halloween candy priority list after chocolate.

Ghoulish Gummies

10. Franken-Gum

Franken-Gum is like your regular sour gumball. I haven't had a gumball in years so tossing these back was a nostalgia trip to Mary Shelley's 18th Century Germany. They were a tasty, chewy gum that was packed full of flavour. I probably wouldn't buy one again, but if I got one while trick-or-treating, I wouldn't be disappointed.


11. Halloween Pudding Marshmallow

Apparently, this had a pudding inside of it, but all I tasted was a sweet marshmallow. I have no complaints, but I do wonder what the pudding was supposed to taste like. Maybe it was marshmallow flavoured?


12. Halloween Corn Pizza Flavor

I really enjoyed these fluffy corn snacks. I didn't really get a pizza vibe from them, but they were like a salty cheese flavour. I enjoy light corn snacks a lot and these ones were probably one of the best I've ever had.

Halloween Corn Pizza Flavor

13. Monster Stamp Ramune

This candy really surprised me because it was hard like a jawbreaker. I wasn't expecting it to be soft since it is a stamp, but I didn't expect it to be rock hard. I am also not sure how practical it is to make candy stamps without candy ink since regular ink shouldn't be consumed. This candy was painful, confusing, and odd so after the first one, I did not eat anymore.

Monster Stamp Ramune

14. Umaibo Rings Mentai

If you have ever had some of those soft Cheetos (not the hard, gross ones) you'll know this flavour immediately. However, this snack had an additional, unique taste to it that I couldn't put my finger on. At first, I thought they were tongue-flavoured (hey, it is Halloween themed!) due to the tongue-like picture on the packaging. However, it turns out to be roe flavoured. Roe, for those who are unfamiliar, is unfertilized fish eggs. Think of it like caviar, but not necessarily from a sturgeon. I know you're probably thinking tongue-flavoured would taste better, but they actually tasted pretty good.

Umaibo Rings Mentai

15. Monster Monster Gum Energy Flavor

Yup, double Monster gum. Much like the Franken-Gum, this was just a package of tasty gum balls. I think the surprise with these gum balls is that some are sweet, and others are sour, but I tossed them all back at once so I didn't get a chance to actually tell which was which. But I can guarantee they are sweet, sour, and full of flavour.

Monster Monster Gum Energy Flavor

16. Grape Soda Gummy

Growing up, I often got Root Beer flavoured gummies or Coke flavoured gummies while trick-or-treating. But I don't think I ever got a grape soda flavoured one. This one tastes just like you'd think it would, but it did make me wonder when I actually had my last can of grape soda. It's been too long.

Grape Soda Gummy

17. Halloween Mystery Snack

These were just animal crackers. They were a simple cracker shaped like a variety of different critters, from dogs and cats to bats and horses. It also includes the mysteriously named "M. Duck", which I think might mean "Mallard", but is there another kind of duck? I'm not sure. Either way, before I got to asking too many hard questions, all the crackers were gone.

Halloween Mystery Snack

This year's Halloween TokyoTreat themed box was a mixed bag, but the vast majority were delicious, tasty, and very spooky. My favourites were the KitKats, the Caramel Corn and the Umaibo Rings. I would have liked more spooky foods the Franken-Gum or the Zombie fish and not just the same product with a ghost slapped on it, but it was fun to try them all anyway.

Did you have a favourite Halloween candy growing up? Would you like to eat any of these? Let me now in the comments below and have a Happy Halloween!

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Unboxing TokyoTreat?s Hungry, Hungry HalloweenUnboxing TokyoTreat?s Hungry, Hungry Halloween

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