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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in Regina

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in Regina

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you forgot to get something for your significant other (or yourself), I don't blame you. With everything going on these days, it is tough to remember a holiday that was made to capitalize on something as priceless as love. But I think we can all agree that if you are going to spend money telling somebody you love them, you'll want to spend that money locally. From bakeries to candy stores to charcuterie boards, there is something in Regina for that special person in your life.

Dessart Sweets

In December I bought a $50 chocolate box from Dessart Sweets with every intention of unboxing it and make a video about it. However, the chocolate temptation got the best of me and I ate the entire box in a single sitting. The box has a wide variety of chocolates in it, ranging from specialty-flavoured KitKat bars to European specialities to unique chocolate bars like the Charleston Chew.

If chocolate is not your thing, Dessart Sweets also has miscellaneous candy boxes for the same price. They also have imported chocolate and candy boxes for the broken-hearted globetrotter in your life.

Candy box by Dessart SweetsCandy boquette by Dessart Sweets

Sinfully Sweet Bakery

What is bad for you but tastes so good? Cupcakes, obviously, and Sinfully Sweet has plenty to go around. From cupcake bouquets, heart shaped red velvet cakes, flower cupcakes, sugar and shortbread cookies, they have something for everybody's favourite sweetheart. They also have some "Adult Only" cookies available behind the counter for the 19+ visitors. Get them while you can because they're not going to eat themselves.

SFW cupcakes by Sinfully Sweet

Takeaway Gourmet

Just a hop-skip-and-jump from Sinfully Sweet is Takeaway Gourmet. This specialty grocery store is offering three different Valentine's Day boxes for you, each at $60. They have the "Sweetheart's Box", "I love you a Latté" and "You just Spaghet me". These include everything from chocolates, macaroons, cheese, crepes, buns, pasta and gourmet pasta sauce.

Chocolates hearts by Takeaway Gourmet

Hillside Food Inc.

My parents got me a "Date Night" box from Hillside Food for Christmas and I was a bit hesitant to try it. However, I always preach on my blog to try new foods, so I decided after much hesitation to crack open their corn bacon salsa?. and then their caramelized onion bacon jam? and then their charred apple mustard. I only stopped because I ran out of crostini. Hillside Food Inc sells what they produce so while I can't guarantee what you'll get in your very own $25 "Date Night" box, I can guarantee it will leave you wanting more.

Corn Bacon Salsa by Hillside Food Inc.

HoBo Donuts

D'oh! Are you feeling a bit like Homer Simpson that you forgot Valentine's Day this year? Jimmy Schimmel has got your back and is making a fresh batch of donuts each day just for you. Their donuts sell out fast, so their pre-order form is populated each day at 7am and is usually sold out by 2pm. It is a small donut joint, but they deliver too, so if you play your cards right, you can surprise your favourite person (or blogger) with a white chocolate chai or raspberry brownie favourite donut (hint hint).

Hobo Donuts on Delivery

Serendipity Gluten-Free Bakery

My go-to bakery is back, and their mouth-watering gluten free-treats are once again flying out the door. The company's owner Kathryn took some time off after having a baby last year but she's back in business now, and as busy as ever. Jessica and I order food from Serendipity every week and Jessica even stood in line for over a half hour to get me something from them for my birthday. While they do not have any pre-made Valentine's Day package this year, they do have cookies, cupcakes, trifle cups, and specialty decorated donuts too.

Serendipity Gluten-Free Bakery

Spex By Ryan

There's nothing more spexy than getting glammed up for Valentine's Day, and it happens to fall right in the middle of Spex By Ryan's only sale of the year. During the month of February, you can get 50% off your glasses and impress your loved one with a brand-new look.

Also, Spex By Ryan is the lone supporter of my blog since the pandemic hit and I really appreciate their support, so please tell them I sent you.

Spex's annual sale is right now!

Italian Star Deli

Rose bouquets are cool and all, but how about a cured meat bouquet? The Giambattistas made waves a few years ago with their prosciutto and cheese bouquets so when I heard they were selling a three-cheese, 2-meats, jam, rosemary Marcona almonds, crackers, olives and Baci chocolates Valentine's Day box, I knew I had to include it. However, with all things this good, I think they may have already sold out. If that's the case, their Spicy Calabrese and Wensleydale Triple Chocolate Cheese will be a perfect substitute. If they're out of that too, just ask for Gino and he'll know exactly how to win over any ladies' heart.

Meat and cheese by Italian Star Deli

Be a Kitchen Hero

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but they also say there's nothing sexier than a man that knows how to cook. If you want to "Be a Kitchen Hero", my good friend CJ Katz specialty spices are the way to go. These spices are made with no MSG, no gluten, no fillers, less salt than your regular spices and are guaranteed to make your dish one that will never be forgotten.

Also, if you're like me and you're like me, Be a Kitchen Hero has a variety of simple yet delicious meals you can make too.

Be a Kitchen Hero

Style and Graze

Style and Graze is a newcomer to the charcuterie board scene and have two unique boards just in time for Valentine's Day. Their $65 Valentino BOX is perfect for a memorable evening with your partner. According to the website, the box is sexy and romantic with a side of naughty. It comes with cheeses, preserves, dips, honey, crudités, seasonal fruits, crackers, dried fruit, pickles, olives, and a sweet treat. But if you really want to make the night special, you can get their $150 Valentino Package which includes flowers, bath salts, candles, massage oils, and all the above as well. It sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day gift to me!

A charcuterie board of cheese, meat, olives and other delicious stuff.

With all this in mind, and Valentine's Day just around the corner, how do you plan to celebrate? Will you be visiting any of these shops? Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these and what you thought of them!

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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas in ReginaValentine's Day Gifts Ideas in Regina

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